Intoxicating Marula – miraculous performance of marula oil

For African elephants yellow fruit of marula tree, resembling a nectarine in size, are an unusual treat … and really intoxicating treat. It’s because the fruit (eaten with the nut stone) ferments in their stomachs and … this is how we get a herd of drunk elephants. Elephants are not the only lovers of marula fruit (the stone in particular).

Marula fruit is sour and has a big stone so there isn’t much flesh in it. But still such scant amount contains four times as much Vitamin C as oranges.

It is hand harvested – 60 000 people work at the largest marula trees plantation!

The nut stone contains outstanding – for such a small nut – amount of proteins – 28%. Their pleasant fragrance attracts animals even from far away. What’s more, the stones may be lit like miniature candles thanks to high percentage of the oil included (50-60%).

After the harvest, the fruits are cold pressed. Thanks to this the oil keeps all, valuable for beauty and health, properties.

Stones of marula can also be boilt. As a result we get an oily and rich in proteins and iodine suspension which can serve as body and face moisturizer.

Apart from a moisturizer made from marula stones of wonderful fragrance, valuable beautiful yellow oil of characteristic scent is produced. The oil contains unsaturated fatty acids – mostly omega-6 i omega-9, vitamine E and flavonoids (they give protection from UV radiation and act as antioxidants – in other words they support defense mechanisms in skin cells).

It is recommended to women who want to have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair as well as healthy and moisturized skin.

It is also recommened to men but in a form of… liqueur.

Used in hair care it provides spectacular effects:

After a few beauty rituals consisting in hair oiling (applying oil like you apply hair mask and leaving it for several or a dozen or so minutes on the head and what’s crucial – on the scalp), you can see its healtful performance: smooth, moisturized, shiny, vital and nourished hair. Hair feels soft and is protected during various hairstyling routines like drying, straightening, goffering, harsh drying with a towel, tearing and weakening hair bulbs with hair bands. A very nice surprise and another point for marula oil: there are no problems with setting hair… it’s like magic which has tamed our unruly and undisciplined hair.

Hair treated with marula oil seems to be resistant to unfavourable weather like wind, freeze, rain, snow, blistering sun.

What is more, the oil prevents hair from electryfying, closes hair follicles and limits hair porosity. There’s something more – marula is anti-aging so it makes our hair look younger in a natural way.