What are the properties of marula oil?

Marula oil is being obtained from kernels of fruits from tree that grows in Africa and on Madagascar. The fruits are hand picked and then squeezed through a special press. This way, the product preserves all of its essential for skin and hair care, ingredients. Marula oil has clear consistency and characteristic, sweet scent. It is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive and prone to allergies.

Marula oil is commonly used by the indigenous African population. Fruits used for extraction of oil consist of four times more vitamin C than oranges. What is more, marula oil contains fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-9), antioxidants and vitamin E. Those ingredients make this product this popular in skin and hair care. Marula oil helps inhibit ageing processes, flatten wrinkles, lighten discolourations and regenerate damaged epidermis. And how does the cosmetic impact hair and scalp?

Many people ascribe extraordinary properties to this oil. Marula oil is easy in application, absorbs fast and does not leave greasy layer. It provides hair with gloss, smoother and makes them soft in touch. It helps with hair stylisation by providing a natural finish in form of healthy gloss. On top of that, it can tame even the wildest streaks, underline curl and waves. Oil protects hair against sun radiation, freezing wind, hot air, chlorinated and salty water and high temperatures. It prevents frizzing and fly-away hair. It speeds up drying time and makes combing easier. Furthermore, it seals hair cuticles and can even change hair porosity. Marula oil is an ingredient of hair masks, hair conditioners and shampoos. What is more, it has anti-ageing properties.

Application of marula oil is very easy. You just have to apply small amount of product on hair, before wash, and rinse it after about 30 minutes with delicate shampoo. Marula oil can be also administered on damp hair to improve their combing and stylisation. The cosmetic protects also hair against split ends and mechanical and/or chemical damages. To accelerate and improve properties of marula oil, on hair put on a plastic cap or a towel. You can always mix the cosmetic with few drops of other oils, like lavender or rosemary. Never comb or use hot air on hair directly after hair wash.