Marula oil & its cosmetic properties against argan oil

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Oil extracted from elephants or goats’ favorite tree? Fruits from both trees are animals’ treats whereas the oils treat our skin and hair. You’re having second thoughts and dilemma over which one fits in with your skin and hair better? Will it be argan, known as gold of Morocco, or oil from the juicy marula fruit?

Beauty benefits of marula oil:

Marula and argan have a common feature which is bio-compatibility with human skin. Marula is a very light, delicate oil, well-absorbed and tolerated by sensitive skin. Being hydrophobic, marula oil rapidly gets through the epidermal barrier. This, in turns, translates to better skin hydration and increased elasticity. Marula deals very well with irritations, scrapes and diaper rash. When applied to hair, marula doesn’t weigh it down and rarely triggers frizz. It’s well-absorbed, excellently protects against damage.

Marula oil is very common as an additional product in psoriasis and eczema treatment. It’s made for special tasks and serious skin problems, and has a good effect on fresh scars. One of its main features is being resistant to oxidation and stability in all kinds of cosmetic formulas so feel free to add it to home cosmetics, just like argan oil.

Beauty benefits of argan oil:

Argan oil is very similar to marula in terms of ingredients, effect and consistency. Still, there’s a big difference that sets them apart. It’s the proportion of fatty acids, which makes marula milder and consequently popular for infant’s skin care or for treating “sophisticated” skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Argan oil is a master when it comes to ingredients, balance of fatty acids and perfect set of active substances responsible for youthful, healthy skin and hair. Several dozens of active ingredients, including high concentration of vitamin E, butyrospermol, flavonoids and phytosterols, as well as natural UV filter.

Moreover, argan oil is known as the most popular hair conditioner in the world. Not only does it strengthen and beautify almost right away but also hinders hair loss and stimulates growth. It’s the most wanted hair mask as it works for all types of hair and porosity.

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Argan oil vs Marula oil. Which one makes a better choice for beauty purposes?

While analyzing marula oil against argan oil, we can clearly see that the former is more like a healing oil for specialist care and delicate skin (not just infants’). Mild marula oil works effectively yet gently, and it helps treat skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. However, the title of the most professional skin and hair oil is taken over by argan oil which is highest in antioxidants. It has an antiaging effect, stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin, brilliantly repairs epidermis and hair, strengthens follicles and prevents hair loss, which matters a lot when fighting the so-called seasonal hair loss connected with changes of seasons.

Argan oil both beautifies and protects against bad effect of weather conditions such as freezing cold, heat, solar radiation. It’s cut out for treating damaged nails, extremely dry skin on hands and feet, and is a natural anti-wrinkle eye serum. This very oil gives the best benefits in shortest time.

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