Reach For The Best. Top-Ranked Marula Hair Oils!

Argan oil’s successor. It smooths, nourishes and perfectly moisturises. Learn the properties of the underappreciated marula oil. Find out which products with marula oil are worth choosing.

One is enough to outclass them all!

The history of marula oil is very long. It is another African treasure. It is often compared to argan or coconut oil. People like to call it a “vanishing” oil because of amazing absorption qualities. It is absorbed much better than other oils. Natural, unrefined, cold-pressed marula oil is the best one. It has lots of valuable beauty benefits.

Marula oil works in hair care because it:

  • has repairing properties,
  • eliminates dryness of the scalp,
  • intensifies the natural hair shine,
  • increases the level of moisture,
  • delivers silky softness,
  • rebuilds hydro-lipid layer,
  • protects the hair from damage.

What’s inside marula oil?

It belongs to the group of non-drying oils. Marula oil offers a diversity of active ingredients that are irreplaceable in hair and skin care. Marula oil is mainly composed of omega-9 oleic acid (70%-80%). It is also made up of palmitic, stearic and linoleic acids (10% each). That is why marula oil is perfect for medium porosity hair – ideally matches the structure and needs of this hair type.

Apart from fatty acids, marula oil also contains a large number of antioxidant substances e.g. tocopherols (vitamin E) and catechins.


Marula oil offers excellent properties, instant absorption and rich ingredients yet it is not a very popular cosmetic substance. It is still competing with argan oil. However, we have managed to find four hair products based on marula oil.


Oil for medium porosity hair - NanoilNanoil for medium porosity hair is definitely the best one commercially available, especially when we think of hair oils with marula oil. It matches hair porosity which means that each ingredient is suitable for hair structure and is able to penetrate the hair and work inside. Nanoil hair oil also influences the scalp which gains vitality and strength thus becomes the source of beautiful hair. Medium porosity version (one of the three) includes five more oils apart from marula oil: macadamia oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, maracuja oil and coconut oil. Their action is enhanced by vitamins A and E whereas the protection is delivered by UV filter. Nanoil for medium porosity hair is the power of natural ingredients combined with innovative solutions – for hair growth and anti hair loss. Not only does Nanoil reinforce and repair the hair but also conditions, brings softness and lustre. It reduces frizz and facilitates combing. One product offers a set of essential components that have complementary properties and benefits.

Consistency: a weightless, quickly absorbed, non-overburdening oil
Aroma: delicate, long-lasting, fresh, very pleasant
Capacity: 100 ml



marulaoil-rare-oilPaul Mitchell Marula Oil is an elegant cosmetic designed for dull and split hair. The only natural ingredient in the product is marula oil. It is enriched with nourishing acids and vitamin E derivative. In this case, the short list of ingredients means precise action. Paul Mitchell Oil controls the level of hydration, conditions the hair, adds shine and softness. It delivers the best effects if combined with Paul Mitchell shampoo, mask and conditioner.


Consistency: a clear, well-absorbed oil
Aroma: you can barely smell it, not very nice
Capacity: 50 ml



Oil miracleSchwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle for fine hair provides full care. It is composed of nutrients that deliver shine and vitality without weighing hair down. Marula oil and sunflower oil are accompanied by silicones and alcohols. The hair oil works for dry and wet hair – it protects from dampness and heat of styling tools e.g. blow-dryer and curling iron. It provides best results with BC Bonacure shampoo.

Consistency: a quite thick and greasy product
Aroma: intense, sweet, volatilizes quickly
Capacity: 100 ml



NexussNexxus moisturising hair oil is a product created for normal hair. It contains marula oil and babassu butter that are the main components of the cosmetic. The other ingredients include: coconut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, palm oil and mineral oil (paraffin). Nexxus hair oil nourishes from the roots to the ends, reinforcing the hair, repairing hair ends and carefully conditioning delicate strands. It restores resistance, shine and smoothness.


Consistency: golden, semi-fluid, poorly absorbed
Aroma: intense, it won’t appeal to everyone
Capacity: 100 ml