Marula oil is obtained from kernels of plant commonly known as the Elephant tree. The tree is called that because, elephants just like people love the fruits of this African tree. Marula oil has yellow colour and delicate, characteristic aroma. It contains antioxidants, vitamins C and E and fatty acid Omega-9. Because marula oil is available periodically, its price is much higher than other oils.

Marula oil is mostly used in the cosmetology. It moisturises deepest parts of the skin, restores lipid barrier of the epidermis, eliminates dry skin, cracks and scrapes, bur also regenerates and soothes. Oil has antibacterial and anti-acne properties, as well as makes skin more elastic and lightened. It eliminates stretch marks and helps in combat against cellulitis. Marula oil takes care of nails and eyes area, provides oily layer and smoothers skin around them. In hair and scalp care, it can replace coconut or argan oil. According to some people, it has better properties than enumerated cosmetics. How does it influence scalp condition?

Marula oil & its cosmetic properties against argan oil

Oil extracted from elephants or goats’ favorite tree? Fruits from both trees are animals’ treats whereas the oils treat our skin and hair. You’re having second thoughts and dilemma over which one fits in

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What are the properties of marula oil?

Marula oil is being obtained from kernels of fruits from tree that grows in Africa and on Madagascar. The fruits are hand picked and then squeezed through a special press. This way, the product

Intoxicating Marula – miraculous performance of marula oil

For African elephants yellow fruit of marula tree, resembling a nectarine in size, are an unusual treat … and really intoxicating treat. It’s because the fruit (eaten with the nut stone) ferments in their

What should every woman know about marula oil?

Cold pressed marula oil has incredible properties. For a very long time, it has been used in Africa for skin and hair care. Currently it is common addition of anti-wrinkle cosmetics. Marula oil is

Because of content of flavonoids and vitamin E, marula oil consists of anti-ageing properties. It protects against premature grey hair and damage to hair bulbs. On top of that, it strengthens streaks and regenerates cells of scalp. Oil improves micro-circulation, delivers more oxygen and nourishing ingredients to follicles. It softens, moisturises, helps with dandruff, psoriasis and itching sensation. Thanks to the marula oil, hair are less subjected to chemical and mechanical damages. It prevents fly-away hair and hair loss. In case of regular hair treatments, they gain healthy gloss and are easier to style.

Marula oil can be used in form of hair mask applied on ends and the entire hair length. Leave cosmetic on hair for 30 minutes or for the night. Wrap hair with a towel or put on them a plastic cap to create heat that will speed up action of the product. Next, wash hair and leave them to dry on their own. If you want to additionally smoother streaks, you can apply small amount of marula oil. The cosmetic does not weight hair down or clump as well as it does not leave a greasy layer. Such a treatment can be performed twice a week till the moment of strengthening and regeneration of scalp and hair.